December 13, 2023

It’s raining! Which I think makes it a good time to code. I like how misty and mysterious it gets when it rains here, plus it cools things off quite a lot so it’s not as miserable. The problem, of course, is that it tends to invite mosquitoes (worst nemesis) and make things way more humid (second worst nemesis). But oh well, at least it’s pretty.

Photograph of a rainy, misty day.

Anyways, I messed with the site a little more. I made a book log! I wanted to add a “currently reading” section, but then I got a little lazy. Maybe some other time. I also noticed that the header was a little busy with so many links, so I just made “Chrysanthemum” the home link instead of keeping it in the navbar with the other links. I’ve read a few times on UX forums that people don’t like hamburger menus (like the three little lines) on mobile because it’s too many clicks, so I didn’t bother doing it on mobile for this site. Apparently we also don’t like to have to reach to the top of the page, but I can only deal with one thing at a time! Although, I guess I wonder if this is why sometimes mobile browsers (like Firefox) default to having their search bar and stuff at the bottom of the screen?

I also made the links a little more exciting and gave them their own fontawesome companions and made some forward/back buttons for my diary entries. I think I am happy with how things are shaping up here. I’m wondering if there’s more I’d like to add, but I’m coming up blank for now…I do want to tweak the homepage a little sometime.

For now, I think I will take a break and play some Cat Snack Bar. Weirdly addictive! Or I guess not so weird, since that’s probably the whole point. I also want to check out some Hobonichi Techo stuff and learn a little more so I can get back into paper-and-pen journalling. Then I have some work to do. And then I guess it’ll be time to cook dinner…maybe I’ll make some escabeche.

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