December 12, 2023

I found out I claimed this Neocities URL 5 whole years ago and completely forgot. Back then, I had the hubris of a novice Tumblr coder, but Neocities still felt a little too open and intimidating. I do have vague memories of quickly abandoning it. It’s a little surreal to think of how much has changed since then. I was able to put this site together relatively quickly. Granted, this is a pretty simple site, but that’s by design. Maybe a lower-maintenance site will be easier to use more frequently. Plus, it gave me an excuse to use some fonts I’ve been eyeing on Behance lately (Funkturm and PP Mori.)

Anyways, I had a dream last night. My mom brought home this weird cow/cat hybrid creature and told us we were going to eat it, and I was horrified. I quickly befriended the cowcat, and we ended up running away together. When I told my mom about the dream this morning, she suggested it was just my subconscious processing how I’m very fond of this stray cat that no one else in the house seems to want. Trust me, he is very cute, he has a super big face. Viva la buccal fat!

I ate panapen (breadfruit) tostones and mofongo for dinner tonight. It was really good, but I think I still like the original plantain versions better. It’s good to try new things though. The food here is so much better than where I used to live that it’s honestly jarring. I swear even the McDonalds is better.

Okay, I guess I should stop rambling and figure out how to actually deploy a private repo to Neocities. @_@ See ya on the other side!

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